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AuditXL from Krihos International
Business Management and Compliance Audit Systems for Business Processes

An integrated set of easy to use client server and stand alone based business process management software solutions to create, maintain and execute business management systems and compliance audit systems inclusive of risk assessment, event processing and corrective action planning with email notification, escalation and approval for a variety of business processes including, among others, health and safety, environmental, quality, security and finance.

AuditXL's business process management tools allow subject matter experts in disciplines such as health & safety, environmental, quality, security, finance, etc., not IT technical personnel, to create, maintain and execute audit applications based on management systems methodologies and/or regulatory compliance audit systems. They may build Content Modules from inception via blank templates, or, customize pre-built templates (e.g., OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.) to their own unique requirements, all in a very easy-to-use environment.

AuditXL, is a set of integrated business process management tools providing a roadmap that takes an organization from "Where They Are" to "Where They Want To Be" with regard to business processes.

Spector 360 from SpectorSoft
PC and Internet Monitoring for Business and Home

Spector 360 is SpectorSoft’s flagship Internet and computer monitoring software solution for monitoring and analyzing your employees use of personal computers, company-wide -- whether for productivity improvement by transferring knowledge from highly productive employee's use of personal computers to lesser productive employees, for analyzing personal computer usage of employees responsible for complying with regulatory processes such as environmental, health & safety, quality, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. or for non-authorized use of company owned personal computers by identified employees -- whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely.

Monitor, Analyze, Search, Investigate and Report on a multitude of PC and Internet activities related to highly productive personnel for training purposes and suspicious activity by personnel on company time and computer equipment.

Cost Reduction from Profit Builders
Outsourced Cost Containment Services for Many Business Disciplines

Reduce business expenses, which also includes review of duplicates and overcharges, over a large range of business functional areas. Achieve expense containment.

Profit Builders is a recognized leader in cost reduction consulting and value-added solutions. We save our clients valuable dollars without sacrificing quality and service. Profit Builders is in tune with the competitive marketplace facing emerging and middle market companies. Our goal is to work with our client to improve their company's day to day efficiencies and identify cost savings. Results that endure for years to come.