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AuditXL Reporting provides a variety of reports which are produced on demand. Manual report preparation activities are elminated for many auditing processes. Auditor productivity is significantly improved.

Customizable Report Templates enable the targeted dissemination of selected information, which enhances report clarity and reader understanding.

Color coded graphical charts and textual reports are produced.

Output from AuditXL can also be produced in the form of Excel spreadsheets reflecting all of the audit data captured. This is very useful if the user requires any of the following:

  • Custom reporting functionality
  • Data manipulation and analysis
  • Exportation of audit data for input to another system
The following are a sampling of reports:

In the Report Control Screen, the user selects the type of report required:

auditing screen

Summary Reports including:

Detail Reports including:
Other Reports include:

  • Multi Location Summary Report

    multi location summary report

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  • Single Location Summary Report

    single location summary report

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  • Audit Detail Report

    audit detail report

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  • Action Item Report

    action item report

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  • Corrective Action Planning Report

    Corrective Action report

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  • Management Requirements

    Management Requirements

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  • Comments and Recommendations

    Comments and Recommendations

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  • Task Assignments

    Task Assignments

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  • Blank Worksheets

    Management Requirements

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  • Audit Statistics

    Audit Statistics

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