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AuditXL Security Control is used in the client-server version only. Users with Administrative authority can create an unlimited number of users that are given granular access security authority (permissions and restrictions) to AuditXL Modules, Audits and Functions. For ease-of-use, classes of users can be created, each of which having its own specific authority (permissions and restrictions). Classes such as non-developer, auditing, corrective action planning, reporting, audit read only, etc. can be created. New users then can be given the same authority (permissions and restrictions) as any one of these classes through an inheritance method with the single click of a button. A special type of user called PowerUser can be given "Administrative" authority and have the same authority as the Corporate Administrative User, but only for the group or division they are associated with in the company.

  • The following are examples of types of authorities/restrictions that may be given:

  • Permissions by user:

    Security Control Panel Screen - Permissions by User

    Permissions by function:

    Security Control Panel Screen - Permissions by Function

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