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AuditXL's set of business process management tools enables users to establish, implement and maintain protocols for comprehensive management systems as well as simple checklists, which are then accessible in AuditXL as individual Content Modules. There is no limit to the type of content that can be created with AuditXL's business process management tools. For instance, separate modules can address:

  • Organizational Requirements
  • Governmental Regulations
  • Industry Standards
  • International Standards
  • Operational checklists

AuditXL's business process management tools may be used for any business process including:

All of AuditXL's business process management tools content modules are used to:

  • Perform audits and followup audits at various locations within an organization.
  • Measure compliance utilizing a built-in scoring algorithm (optional) based by user defined parameters.
  • Link to previously defined internal (corporate) and/or external (e.g. regulatory bodies, etc) electronic documents and web pages related to the subject matter at hand such as best practices, policies and procedures, regulatory standards, protocols, etc. These links apply to all audits performed with a particular module.
  • To support the audit finding for a particular assessment question in a specific audit, dynamically link to internal and external electronic documents and web pages related to the subject matter at hand such as photographs, best practices, policy and procedures, regulatory standards, protocols, etc.
  • Uncover non-conformities based on user defined parameters.
  • Provide continuous improvement by developing and monitoring (in real time) corrective action plans, inclusive of email notification, escalation and approval for employees assigned responsibility. These corrective action plans are based on the non-conformities uncovered in an audit. Prioritization of corrective action planning is based on a user defined 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 risk assessment matrix.
  • In addition to the email notification, escalation and approval process for non-conformities in an audit, an event processing system is also available in AuditXL. Events not related to an audit or non-conformities uncovered in an audit may be established with the full functionality of the email notification (with due dates), escalation and approval process.
  • Identify systemic problems within an organization by performing data analysis at the assessment question level across multiple audits at single and multiple locations to pinpoint assessment questions that are more frequently identified as non-conforming on a company wide basis. This information can then be exported to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis, reporting and/or input to other systems.
  • Produce reports on all aspects of the above processes inclusive of non-conformities displayed in reports as action items along with respective corrective action plans whose appearance in these reports is prioritized based on risk assessment.
  • Monitor these business processes through periodic corporate and site specific self-assessment audits in a powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use, client-server environment.

AuditXL's business process management tools content modules currently available to our users include the following:

AuditXL's business process management tools content modules are comprised of the following integrated business process components:

  • Developer
    For building and customizing templates

  • Auditing
    For performing audits and uncovering non-conformities

  • Planning
    For devloping corrective action plans for non-conformities uncovered in an audit

  • Document Control
    A global reference library with real-time access to governmental and regulatory web sites and to the user's own documents and web pages

  • Reporting
    For generating of a wide variety of reports which are automatically created, on demand, as audit data is entered. Excel output of all audit data may also be produced in the reporting component

  • Security Control
    For Client/Server version only. Administer creation of an unlimited number of users, assign passwords and authorize specific access utilization (granular authority)

  • Working Offline

    A unique feature in the client-server version of AuditXL provides for the following situation:

    Should a user be in a position of answering assessment questions for an audit/inspection at a location in which access to their corporate network or the Internet is non-existent (therefore no access to their server), i.e. on an aircraft in flight, in an Internet access restricted facility or in a remote location on the globe, AuditXL allows the user to work in offline mode. All functionality in AuditXL is available offline with the exception of accessing their server or the Internet.

    How it's done

    While online and connected to their server, the user elects to work "offline" and selects the content module(s) and audit data of interest, which are then downloaded to the user's laptop. The user is now disconnected from the server. While in the offline mode, new audits are started and/or partial audits are completed. Existing content modules that were downloaded are modified and/or new content modules are created.

    When re-connected to their server, all new audit data entered and any additions and changes to content modules made offline are uploaded to the server and synchronization of data occurs. Conflict resolution is also performed whereby if two or more users answer the same assessment question in the same audit (for whatever reason) with different answers, AuditXL will notify the user of the conflict which would then be resolved.

AuditXL's business process management tools may be used to help achieve an organization's:

  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Risk Management
  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Project Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
  • Change Management Process
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • BPM Software Requirements
  • Security Compliance and Security Audit requirements
  • Compliance Audit Program
  • COSO objectives

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