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Profit Builders, formed in 1994, is a cost reduction program for companies of all sizes. Over the years Profit Builders has had success over a wide range of organizations including retail, finance, manufacturing, I.T, and more.

We have been successful in reducing costs (including review for duplicates and overcharges) for functional areas in these organizations including:

  • Telecommunications (cellular, land line, data, conference calling, etc.)
  • Freight (ground, air & ocean)
  • Supplies
  • Printing
  • Insurance
  • leases on equipment
  • license agreements on software
  • and more...

Profit Builders is a recognized leader in cost reduction consulting and value-added solutions. We save our clients valuable dollars without sacrificing quality and service. Profit Builders is in tune with the competitive marketplace facing emerging and middle market companies. Our goal is to work with our client to improve their company's day to day efficiencies and identify cost savings. Results that endure for years to come.

Profit Builders receives compensation only on provable success. When a cost savings program is implemented and the company receives their first invoice that reflects cost savings and the cost savings is verified, only then will the client be billed a percentage of the savings. This process will continue for a period of 12 months.

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