About EDI World Associates

EDI World Associates has over four decades of experience in Information Technology and I.T. sales & sales support.

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in several disciplines including:

    • I.T. problem solving utilizing:

      • Mainframe legacy
      • PC client-server, and
      • Web based Internet technologies

      • For environments such as:

        • Business application lifecycle development and processing, and
        • PC utilization analysis

    • A host of cost reduction services to assist our clients in becoming more profitable

Our core competency offerings include:
    • Client-server and stand-alone application development and execution of:

      • management systems, and
      • compliance audit systems
      • Both inclusive of corrective action planning and monitoring for:

        • Health & safety
        • Environmental
        • Quality assurance
        • Finance (such as Sarbanes Oxley Compliance)
        • Security, or
        • Virtually any business process

    • Additional offerings include:
      • PC activity monitoring and analysis for:

        • Knowledge transfer for employee training
        • Identification of wrongful use of corporate computer assets

      • Cost reduction services

Contact us today for further information:

EDI World Associates
575 S. Barrington Ave.
Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Phone: +1310.476.4422
Email: edi_world_assoc@verizon.net

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